Go the distance: 7 KL marathon events to join in 2017

As the original was published on 7 September 2017


Workout routines can bore even the most dedicated gym buff. Sure, there are times when you might feel lazy but more often than not, a change of environment can do the trick. After all, injecting excitement to your fitness drills can do more good than harm.

But if you can’t find time to try boutique gyms just yet, getting out of your usual comfort zone would be a great start. Head on straight to the neighbourhood park and you won’t need to wait on anyone just so you can start working on your cardio. Not only does running provide an efficient full-body workout and burns tons of calories, it’s also a great venue for socialising that improves your overall well-being.

To ensure you can still keep up with your goals, go the extra mile and join marathons. The focus and discipline of serious and aspiring runners are honestly contagious. Once you’ve mastered alternating gyms and running short distance races, push yourself further and try half or full marathons if you’re up for it. The thrill of the challenge and the glory in outperforming your personal best will inspire you and filter down to the other aspects of your life.

Luckily, Kuala Lumpur has been playing host hundreds of running events all year round. And while there’s less than four months left in the calendar, we found more than a dozen marathon events that you can still join without going out of the city before 2017 ends. Here’s seven of them.

2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2017

2XU Compression Run 2017

Looking to challenge yourself with a manageable distance? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at the half marathon event lined up for this year’s Malaysian leg of marathon event from the 12-year-old Australian compression wear brand. Expect a bigger and better 21-, 10-, and 5-km events in Padang Merbok on 24 September. And with 2XU compression polo shirts as part of your kit, who wouldn’t outperform their best this time?

Visit 2XU Compression Run website to join now.

Challenge Putrajaya Half Marathon 2017

ChallengePutrajaya 2017 Half Marathon

This half-marathon race has been postponed for undisclosed reasons as early as April. But it seems nothing could stop Challenge Putrajaya from being held Dataran Perbandaran Putrajaya on 1 October. Around 9,000 slots were opened for men and women to join 21- and 10- marathon events. Mark your calendar and make the date a family activity as it encourages around 3,000 children under the age of 16 to take on the challenge.

The registration for Challenge Putrajaya Half Marathon 2017 is already closed.

Proton HSN 21KM 2017

Proton HSN 21KM 2017

This annual marathon event returns for its second year, poised to surpass the participation of over 6,200 runners last year. A sporting initiative launched to celebrate Hari Sukan Negara every October, HSN 21KM 2017 enjoys the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Serious Malaysian runners may stand a chance of winning a brand new Proton car and a shot at around RM60,000 in total cash prizes.

Check out Proton HSN 21KM 2017‘s official website to register for 14 October race.

Asics Relay Kuala Lumpur

Asics Relay Kuala Lumpur 2017

Are you ready to run your first full marathon? There’s no shame in answering no. But just because you don’t think you are doesn’t mean you have to settle for shorter distances. Take your first steps in running 42 kms by forming or joining a team of four runners. Each participant will run two legs of 5.25 km each to complete the whole distance. The preceding member will need to hand the relay a token to a team member within transition zones to delineate the changeover of runners. Now, that’s what you call teamwork.

Visit the Asics Relay Kuala Lumpur website to join the race in Putrajaya on 7 October. Hurry, the registration will close on 10 September.

Augustman Run

Augustman Run 2017

Intermediate runners can look forward to the Augustman Run 2017, where you can spare yourself the agony of trying to complete 41km. Only 12-km races will be opened for men and women, newbies or veterans on 22 October in Lot 10 Shopping Mall. Who knows? You might still end up snatching trophies, Suunto watches, hotel vouchers, or any of the Top 10 prizes per category totalling RM66,800.

Visit My Racing Events website to participate in Augustman Run this year.

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2017

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2017

If you can’t stand running under the heat of the sun, you’ll feel relieved to sweat it out on a cool night. The Putrajaya Night Marathon 2017 is back for its 7th year since its 2010 inception. The majestic display of lights around Putrajaya will inject excitement in your long distance running. Take your pick between participating in the 42-, 21-, 10-, and 5-km events at Malaysia’s largest night marathon. Our take? We reckon now’s the chance to try out the full 42km marathon as the run could be that much easier without the heat of the sun.

The registration to run for Putrajaya Night Marathon 2017 race on 4 November is still open.

Precious Run 2017

Precious Run 2017

As the running calendar winds down in December, go easy on your roadwork and participate in Precious Fun Run 2017, which will be held in Padang Merbok on 17 December. With 12- or 6-km marathon events, choosing either will help you make enough space for all the feasting you’ll be doing to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Visit Precious Run 2017‘s official website to sign up for the race.


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