Gallery: Samadhi Carnival 2017 returns for the fourth time at Tamarind Springs

As the original was published on 2 November 2017

The annual Samadhi Carnival returns to Tamarind Springs for yet another culinary adventure. On its fourth year, Samadhi Retreats brought award-winning chefs from its eight properties to serve delectable canapés at the the beautiful hill-sitting, multi-level Thai restaurant in Ampang on 1 November 2017.

The drizzle didn’t faze around 300 Epicureans, who bought their tickets to join the celebration of food and wine at adjacent restaurants. Tamarind Hill, NEO Tamarind, and The Terrace at Tamarind Springs rewarded them with grilled beef with basil sauce, and Tom Yum chicken as well as prawn with salted egg yolk sauce. Other memorable Thai-style dishes of the night included braised beef tongue with Scallion oil, roasted pumpkin and mushrooms with parmesan, as well as Wandee stewed lamb.

Wine lovers and seasoned connoisseurs were also spoiled with the unlimited tasting of over 50 wines from 31 world-class wineries like Maude Wines from New Zealand, Fratelli Wines from India, Uni Cozelo and Applewood Distillery from Australia, Francois La Pierre and Chateau de Tracy from France, as well as Scarbolo and Col Vetoraz from Italy.

All sponsored by the Straits Wine Company, the Samadhi Carnival also brought special wines from Portuguese wine experts Casa Santos Lima, renowned English wine producer Nyetimber, as well as the oldest Champagne house Gosset Champagne, and fine cognac producer Cognac Frapin.

(Images by Fadza Ishak)

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