Cathay Pacific makes holiday retreats more exciting with the Sounds of Travelling Well

As the original was published on 29 November 2017


The countdown to the holiday season seldom fail to bring out the child in us. Whether we’re celebrating Christmas or not, the thought of being with the entire family and getting together with old friends make us look forward to this time of the year more than ever.

But nothing can get us more excited than the hours prior to seeing or having our arms around our loved ones. The sounds we hear at airports may have something to do with it. From the chimes and service announcements to luggages being wheeled through the gates of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, they remind us of homespun memories and feelings that just get us even more excited to reach our destination — near or far, foreign or familiar.

Cathay Pacific The Sounds of Travelling Well
The Sounds of Travelling Well is crafted from the many sounds travellers experience on a journey.

And this is exactly what you’ll feel with every play of The Sounds of Traveling of Well, an original music and video that airlines Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon produced in an innovative campaign that you may watch above.

The two-minute sound track features thousands of often-ignored sounds captured during travels like the noise the plane makes when it takes off to the sounds when the “fasten seatbelt” signs have been switched off. It follows fashion blogger and influencer Bella Kuan, who travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong then Osaka to Kyoto with a sound engineer with his oversized, furry boom mic.

Cathay Pacific The Sounds of Travelling Well
Bella Kuan stars in Cathay Pacific’s innovative audio and video campaign.

Anna Choi — Cathay Pacific Country Manager, Malaysia & Brunei — explained that The Sounds of Travelling Well aims to connect travellers with people and places, and provide one seamless travel experience in a journey of harmony. “We believe that travelling well is an important part of living well. When we travel well, the world unfolds. Not only before our eyes, but all our senses. Through sound, memories and feelings can be just as strongly evoked,” Choi explained.

So, on your next trip this upcoming holiday, don’t forget to listen carefully. It’ll help you appreciate the journey from a whole new perspective.

When you travel, you amass memorable, meaningful and rewarding experiences that epitomise the very philosophy of living well. Discover with Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon what #lifewelltravelled means to fellow passengers and explore the ways in which they create their own exciting experiences at

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