Second trimester: 6 things to do to make it a happy one

Pregnancy picks up in the second trimester. You’ll also start to show during this period and if you’re observant enough, it is when you might feel any “quickening” or the first movements of the fetus.

Also referred to as the happy trimester, it starts on the 13th week and ends on the 28th week of your pregnancy when you will feel more energy than the previous three months. Those experiencing morning sickness will be relieved to learn that those queasy symptoms will start to fade during this phase, making you feel more comfortable with your changing body and monthly prenatal appointments.

expectant lady holding pen marking calendar

The second trimester is also the perfect time to make decisions in planning the remaining part of your pregnancy. This includes:

  • Do you want to know the gender of your baby or you want keep it a surprise until your delivery?
  • If you like to join this growing trend, would you like to throw a gender reveal party?
  • How would you do it?
  • Will you be breastfeeding, or are you okay with mixed feeding?
  • Begin your baby registry, among others.

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Whatever you choose, it’s important that you arrive to your decisions without adding any more stress to your life. A pregnancy is a beautiful journey that a mother should enjoy to ensure the development of a happy, healthy baby.

How can you achieve this? I have a few ideas. These are the things that I did that made my second trimester a really happy one.


Unload unnecessary stressors.

woman wearing black eyeglasses

Try to pinpoint where most of the stresses in your life are coming from. Can you live without them? If the answer is yes, then better part with it and never look back. At least in the next few months. But if stress is unavoidable in one of the aspects in your life, then strive to dwell on the positive over the negative ones.


Don’t forget to exercise.

abdomen active activity belly button

It’s easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle when you get heavier with the passing of each month. But inactivity often leads to depression, which is not good for you as you nurture another life. Keeping yourself fit and active by doing regular exercises will give you your daily dose of endorphins, which are body chemicals known to trigger a positive feeling.

Signing up for any prenatal fitness classes will also introduce you to other moms, who are also undergoing the same changes that you do.

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Have brunch with your girlfriends.

two dinner plates on square brown wooden bar table

Because you can! Especially now that your morning sickness is gone. Nothing spells fun than having a squad, who you can talk to about the changes you’re experiencing. You can also get tips from your mommy friends, and even if they still can’t relate it with it yet, just goofing around with them will surely make you miss them less.


Plan your babymoon.

man and woman holding hand walking beside body of water during sunset

A newborn baby will require most of your attention. So while it’s still baking in the oven, now’s the best time to enjoy the company of your partner. The dynamics of your relationship will surely change in the next few months so making more sweet memories with him makes more sense now more than ever.

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Start shopping!

shoes child clothing pregnancy

Do you have a spare room to put the baby after a stork delivers it in your house? Well, it’s time to put those thinking cap on and plan how your nursery is gonna look like. If space is gonna be a challenge, start browsing Pinterest for some ideas before you head on to the mall to buy all your baby stuff.

Document your pregnancy.

woman in blue denim top

Don’t know what to do with the pregnancy test kit that first told you about your baby? Keep it and put in a pregnancy scrapbook along with the monthly ultrasound scans from your doctor. Having a journal will also come in handy for trivia that your friends can use when they throw you a baby shower.

Getting a maternity shoot is also all the rage right now. And looking for the perfect photographer and studio can be as fun. My preference? I’m happy with just blogging it all out. ;p

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  1. Also, I’m so jealous that you get to write and blog about your pregnancy! I wasn’t never able to do that, I stopped blogging altogether when I got pregnant haha anyways, congrats on your pregnancy dear! xx


    1. Hahaha yes, this blog is actually delayed telecast lol. I only decided to write about my whole journey when I went past the precarious trimester. Hope you’ll be able to write your next one though 🙂


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