Mother’s Day 2019: Which movie mom are you?

Hey mommas! It’s only a day left to keep your chill and wait for the surprises your fambam has prepared for you. While Mother’s Day is not all about that — I remember the days when it used to be just a day for my mother to just have a day off and time to relax from her never-ending mom duties — my good friend and passionate blogger, Angie from wynnesworld, and I have a different, kind of fun idea of celebrating it this year.

Since she mostly blogs about reviews on movies and TV shows, she came up with the idea of picking out outstanding moms from various movies we both have seen. And lucky me that she agreed to guest post it for my blog this year!

As you’ve read from my previous post, Game of Thrones mothers: Ranked from worst to best, watching movies and bingeing on TV shows are more than just looking at the screen and wait for things to unfold. Getting lost in their world, we meet characters, mostly mothers, who inspire us to do better with our kids.

Of course, motherhood requires you to be a different person for each child. What parenting style works for one, might not for the other. That’s why we thought to ask you: Which type of movie mom are you? Who do you wish to emulate more? I’d like to think I’ll become more of a Molly Weasly and Erin Brokovich mix though being Leanne Touhy is the goal, but there’s really no way of knowing just yet.

In the meantime, play this little game and head over to her blog below:

Which movie mom are you?

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